School Clothing

The Governors ask for your help in maintaining our dress code.

Children are expected to wear clothes in the school colours, i.e.

  • sweatshirts/jumpers/cardigans  navy
  • blouses/collared shirts (including polo shirts)   white
  • shorts/trousers/skirts/pinafore dresses    -  grey/navy/black (not jeans, tracksuits or sports wear)
  • dark leggings/tights may be worn in cold weather  – grey/navy/black
  • blue/white gingham school dresses may be worn in summer
  • shoes (with low heels, not trainers)   dark colours
  • sandals in summer  - dark colours

(children may change into trainers at playtimes if they wish)

We expect children (boys/girls) to have their hair tied back (when long enough) at all times.

NO jewellery, except a watch and one pair of plain stud earrings, to be worn in school. No Nail varnish should be worn.

All our school uniform is available from the Uniform Direct shop in Grimsby or via their website.

Clothing for P.E. and Games

Children should have a complete change of clothes including footwear.


These clothes should be kept in a small bag and kept in school for the week so that they are always available.

  • dark shorts/P.E.  and school sports shirt
  • plimsolls (trainers cannot be worn for certain activities e.g. gymnastics, as they are not suitable for work on the apparatus)


Games kit for Key Stage 2 pupils

  • Dark shorts, school sports shirt, trainers
  • (tracksuits and sweatshirts may be worn in cold weather)

Games kit for F.S. and KS1 pupils: If, in warm weather, younger children go out, they can wear their indoor kit but they may need trainers for after-school clubs.


These are used to take reading books and letters home and can be obtained from Uniform Direct.