Our Curriculum Offer

Learning is centered around creative themes with purposeful outcomes at the end of each term. Subjects are interwoven to provide cross-curricular opportunities where pupils see links and a real purpose to the learning. Some subjects are taught discreetly where appropriate.

  • Foundation Stage follow the Early Years curriculum and work towards reaching a good level of development in all the prime areas, including reading, writing and maths.
  • In both FS and kS1 we follow the letters and sound phonics and we have a range of reading scheme books including Oxford Reading Tree, Collins Big Cat Phonics and Storyworlds.
  • KS1 have daily maths and English including reading and phonics. They also learn computing, art, DT, Science, geography and history through their theme work.
  • KS2 have daily maths and English including reading and spelling. They also learn Science, Computing, art, DT, geography and history through their theme work
  • The whole school follows the 'Jigsaw' PSHE curriculum and 'Discovery' RE.
  • We promote British values through our family group sessions each week, when pupils work, discuss, debate and celebrate national and international events.
  • MFL - we teach French in KS2
  • Every pupil has at least two sessions of PE each week, one of which is taught by specialist sports' coaches. We also promote healthy eating and lifestyles during these sessions.
  • Sex and relationship education is covered during the summer term each year.

Please click on the policy tab to read our 'Curriculum for Learning Policy' which contains our long term curriculum plan and full subject coverage as well as information about homework, handwriting and presentation. Parents can also contact the school directly for any further information about the curriculum at

Curriculum for Learning Policy