We were guests of honour at a Handwriting Ceremony for a Grade 1 group of pupils. The focus is on Reading for the first year of of their education and when they reach Grade 1 Chinese pupils are given writing equipment and paper as part of a ceremony which includes being shown how to write the easiest Chinese symbol by an artist. The children are invested as Young Pioneers by Grade 5 pupils who tie a red scarf around the necks of the younger children. The Handwriting ceremony included children parading with flags, singing thanks to King and country, chanting thanks to their parents and teachers for their education. Each child received a red dot on their forehead - this was a symbol to represent ' thinking' and all the parents looked on proudly and clapped as the children's writing was celebrated. As visitors from the UK we were led up on to a stage with local dignitaries and the heads of school. This was a school with 27000 pupils yet each individual Grade 1 child was made to feel extremely special that morning.