23 June 2015

Our 8 International Ambassadors were proud to represent Keelby Primary Academy at Caistor Yarborough Academy on an International Day alongside pupils from Welton St Marys Primary Academy and some of the visiting Bangladeshi teachers and head teachers. The Bangladeshis were given a Lincolnshire flag to take back to their schools. This visit has been funded by the British Council. We have worked hard to obtain a grant to connect our classrooms with those in Bangladesh. The 8 International Ambassadors will now remain in this post until they reach the end of Year 6. It is their role to assist Mrs White in keeping the link alive! The day at Caistor Yarborough Academy had the theme of 'Identity and Belonging'. Our pupils created art work to describe their own identities through signs, shapes and symbols. The Bangladeshi teachers joined in this activity and also gave presentations about who they were, where they lived and where they worked. Our Ambassadors also wrote letters to Bangladeshi children which the staff were taking back in their suitcases to gain answers to some of our questions about life in Bangladesh!

Category: International Links